HM-CSB2606 Ultrasonic Automatic Breaker

The main parameters:

1. Voltage: three-phase 380V 50HZ

2. Production speed: 8-12 molds / minute

3. Machine size (mm): 5515X1850X2280 (Length X Width X Height)

4. Control mode: PLC + human-machine interface control

5. Technological process: the protective door is opened-the robot takes the material-the automatic spray-the delivery-the air cooling-the clamp is the main mold of the clamp-the ultrasonic material is divided-the scrap is returned to the furnace-the timing is pressed

Equipment advantages:

1. The distance between the die-casting machine and the equipment is large, making it easier to change the mold.

2. The inclination angle of the chip evacuation part is perfectly designed, and the waste material does not fall, which protects the equipment to run smoothly.

3. Install strength safety door to prevent explosives, protect personnel safety, clean machinery and equipment, safer and more rational.


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