HM-P200-2A Automatic Wet Wipes Folding & Packaging Machine (1-2 Pieces / Pack)

The main parameters:

1. Voltage: three-phase 380V 50HZ

2. Power: 6.5KW

3. Production speed: 100-200 pieces / minute

4. Non-woven fabric specifications (mm): (150-220) X ¢ 1000 (width X diameter)

5. Packaging film specifications (mm): 200 (maximum) X ¢ 350 (wide X diameter)

6. Expanded size (mm): (120-260) X (150-220) (length x width)

7. Folding size (mm): (60-130) X (50-80) (length x width)

8. Packing bag size (mm): (100-200) X (50-80) (length x width)

9. Folding method: “Z”, “W”, “Double Z”

10. Product type: disinfection wipes, cosmetic towels, cleaning wipes

11. Applicable material: spunlace cloth

12. Material weight: 40-80g / m2

13. Packaging film: PE & PET OPP & PE (aluminum film)

14. Machine size (mm): 5300X1000X1600 (length X width X height)

15. Stainless steel mixing tank: 400L

16. Machine weight: 2 tons

Performance introduction:

1. Scientific design, compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance

2. Spunlace non-woven fabric humidifying device: using spray and soak type

3. Liquid adding system: Contains agitation companion device, water adding device, independent water return device, adjustable water adding amount

4. Raw material cutting system: adjustable length

5. 1-2 pieces can be produced 6. Packaging molding: size can be adjusted (formers must be replaced for different width sizes)

7. Photoelectric detection without cloth and film can automatically stop

8. Main Electricity: Japan OMRON

9. Safety protection: emergency stop system


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